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Released 2016, January, identified by model number K430T. The type of display is IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and a 13-megapixel camera.

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My phone won't charge sometimes.

It's the 2017 model, not the OG K10.

I've had this phone for around 8-9 months now and it's been serving me perfect. I don't do stupid things with it and do my best to keep it running nice. A month or so ago when I put it to charge one night and woke up the next morning it didn't charge a singe %. The charging symbol was there but the battery wouldn't charge. The charger wasn't even heating up. I unplugged it and plugged it in again and it started to charge just normaly. Okay, I let this pass and soon forget about it. Sometime later I would put my phone to charge but it wouldn't even accept the charge source, it wasn't charging. No icon, no nothing. I tried re-plugging it a few times and still nothing. I plug it in one last time and wait for a minute or two and it started charging normally. I know that the cable isn't broken because I only charge my phone when I go to sleep and don't use it when it's charging. The battery holds up pretty well but I started noticing something strange too. When it's fully charged it would take a while for it to drop from 100% to 99% and so on until around 90%. Then when it hits around 50%-40% it would start draining fast. Every 10 seconds I would lose a percent of my battery. Sometimes it would just normally discarge without this issue. I didn't have issues for around 2 weeks and today it happened again with the charger not being accepted. Anyone got any ideas?

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Have you visually inspected the charge port in case there is lint etc trapped in there preventing a good connection?


I did and everything is fine and clean. I even blasted it a bit with compressed air to get dust out of it. Thanks for asking.


I had this happen to me also. These phones have a design flaw where the charge port goes bad in a couple of years. It needs to be re- soldered but if you take it to a phone fix place they will tell you it cost more than the phone is worth. Check the trade in price compared to the I phone or the Galaxy.


Maybe your battery could be replaced. Or if available with your phone, try wireless charging.


Did u fix it…or any solution?


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It most likely isn’t charging because of dirt in the port. If you clear out dirt and it still doesn’t charge, it could be your charger. You could also take it to the store you got it from and talk to them about it.

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