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This is the 2015 version of a long line of laptops from Toshiba. It is high performance but also very accessible, which makes it good for students.

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Why am I not getting picture?

Hi guys, my motherboard died on this laptop so I replaced it. After replacing the motherboard the computer turns on (fan spins up, lights turn on) but I do not get picture. I have made sure that the computer does turn and stay on but there still is no picture. Following this I tested picture on an external monitor but was still getting nothing. I have tried everything from resetting cmos to replacing the lcd cable. I know the computer is working because it beeps without ram in as well. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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My current working theory is that it might be a corrupt bios because I do not think it is POSTing either but I have ensured again and again all the hardware is working correctly. I guess a better question is that a possible issue?


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Do you get a screen backlight? Like does the screen light up at all? If not, you probably are not POSTing, so something inside isn't connected or there is a bad part.

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Everything is connected correctly and everything is working but there is no backlight. Every non-working part has already been replaced


@kjordanrepair It's certianly not POSTing, something isn't right inside. I'd say go and double check the internal connections, because that's the most likely point of failure it seems. Like you said, it could be a courrupt BIOS, but I'm not currently aware how to reflash a courrupt one, the only place I know for certain can do this is Best Buy's Geek Squad, but they charge exorbitant amounts sometimes. I hate to do this to you, but I'm unsure of any other way I can help.

Good luck, sorry for the late response.


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