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L'OP-1 est un outil de traitement de musique, intégrant synthétiseur, échantillonneur, enregistreur multipiste, boîte à rythme, mélangeur et contrôleur

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Why a button of my OP-1 doesn't work?


I have two button of my OP-1 that does’nt work. I tried to change them, and to unconnect the keyboard and reconnect it again thru the tutorial on fixit for hanging the keyboard. Is ther any other thing i can try?


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Take it apart, look at the Board under the buttons check to see if that area is worn down.

Check the back of the board and see if the solder is good or if you have any burn marks.

If these buttons are meant to rotate then you should check if the mechanism is loose from the board or damaged.

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Hi ! First, thanks a lot for your answer, i didn’t answered you directly cause i wanted to take the time to try it. I remove the board to see under it but i don’t see where the solder are. There is a plastic with kind of cables inside, that connect the keyboard to the op1, but i can’t see where it can be burn or something else.


It's the 2 and roll forward button that doesn't work at all.


It's very hard to pinpoint without physically seeing it. if you have photos, maybe i could determine the path, ultimately, you need to follow the path on your controller board to the switch that is malfunctioning. If you know how to use a volt meter you could check for continuity from the knob connection to the path on the board. its a good way to determine if you have a damaged path on the board or the knob itself.

IMO - most mixers, synths & midi controllers always suffer the same issues, one being damaged knob and secondly the path on the board gets corroded or damaged by humidity, spilled drink, insects etc.


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