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L'Asus X200MA est un ordinateur portable à écran tactile avec un écran de 11,6 pouces. Cet appareil a été fabriqué en 2014 et est également identifié comme l'Asus X200MA-RCLT07.

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Why is my laptop screen faded?

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my laptop screen become faded and slowly showing my wallpaper in the screen. i dont know what happen. i just ate and when i come back and open my laptop it become like that. i hope you can help me with my problem. im afraid to lose all my important documents.

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Not to worry! You will not lose all your important documents even if we cannot help you with your screen, as we can still recover files on your Hard Drive. First of all, you will probably need a new screen because it appears that the backlight is working fine. I cannot source the part on iFixit, so if anyone can find this screen assembly elsewhere it would be much appreciated.

Update (09/14/2018)

I found the part on eBay, but I cannot find a guide or video on how to replace it. I cannot guarantee that the part will work because it is from eBay, not iFixit.

Part on eBay

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it can fix ? thank you for answering my question. maybe you can help me on what i should do ?


We need to find the right part before we can do anything, so I will look harder after I finish my essay for school. (9 paragraphs to go!)


gosh ! i dont think it can work . ebay ? im from the philippines .


Well, if you are from the Philippines I would suggest possibly a new computer. Extract the hard drive or solid state drive out of this machine before tossing it though as that is your only link to your precious documents!


is it impossible to fix here in the philippines?


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