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Toshiba Satellite laptop released in 2012, featuring a 17.3 inch screen and runs windows.

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How do I change the cooling fan?

How do I change the cooling fan on a Toshiba Satellite P875 series laptop

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Hello @johnhdavidson

follow these steps.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out when the new fan arrives next week. I imagine that the P875-102 is imilar to the P8555 you demonstrate.


That was not useful at all! Different model and did not show replacing the fan.


Hi @johnhdavidson ,

I'm sorry, don't be angry, but use your brain. It's quite intuitively, how to disassembly laptop. The fan is mounted with screws to the MB, some time to the chassis. It's a different model, but the principle is the same..


Well, I did manage to get as far as revealing the motherboard, but the fan didn't want to come out easily, and I didn't want to break something, so I took it to a local repair job. Job done!


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