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Repair guides and disassembly information for Lenovo's 3rd-gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptops.

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Screen not working (PC works fine)


I will try to explain the situation:

A few weeks ago, sometimes when I turned on the PC, the screen would not display image, after a minute, it would (the rest of the computer worked perfectly, if I connected it to an external monitor, you could use it with no trouble). After a couple of days, those times the problem occurred, it would not fix by itself, so I had to reset the computer and hope it would work (sometimes it did).

Then, a few days ago, the problem became permanent. Again, with an external monitor, there would be no problem.

Troubleshooting I tried is:

  1. Remove the battery, let it rest for 5 minutes, drain the remaining energy by pressing the start button for 60 seconds (not connected to the power nor any peripherals). Then, plugging it to the ac power (still no battery) and turn it on. After this, screen displayed image again and lead me to a menu which let me "Continue" or "Go to configuration". I selected to "Continue" but lost image again and had to restart, but this time, image was completely gone again. I tried it several times but with no result.
  2. After step 1, I started the computer by pressing shitf, f8 and the power button. Like the first time in the last step, I had image again, and could access to that menu, this time selecting the configuration option, which led me to the BIOS. I reset everything to default and saved and exit. Once again, when computer restarted, no image. If I tried it again, I would not have results.
  3. Remove SSD.
  4. Unplug keyboard.
  5. Clean the ventilator.

Given RAM is sodded, there is no way to reconnect it. Is there any solution to this? It looks like a software problem to me, because if it were hardware related it would not start working depending in the start up option.

Really thank you

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Sounds like the ribbon cable has come loose or is defective.

They are about $5 to $25 depending where you buy it.

Here are some replacement guides:

and a video:

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I face same problem Lenovo X1 carbon , system on keyboard caps lock led working ,

solved -- removed screen (not disconnected full open ), and lvds cable , again connect led T con board socket lvds cable and start system it's working properly,


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hi ,

i would follow these steps to get to the fix : (this advise on condition of no liquid spillage or physical damged )

  1. plug external monitor , use the hotkey to display the screen on both the international and external monitor and see , if still black . go step 2 .
  2. replace the screen , note: we have seen issues with the motherboard for this laptop , i would speak to lenovo as they might replace it under warranty if it is motherboard .
  3. all the best

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Am I supposed to see the BIOS options and lenovo logo at startup with method one? External monitor displays, but only after OS loaded.


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Hey guys had similar symptoms (although mine is a Gen 6 Carbon), occured right after a windows update.

Very annoying because clearly the whole system is working. You can get to the BIOS screen and it all works fine, and also same behaviour where you can plug in an external monitor and run it as usual, but the laptop screen stops working after bios/soon as you get to the login screen.

My solution was to do the ‘driver uninstall’ for the screen from device manager, then reboot into safe mode, this seems to have reinstalled the drivers and now all works again.

Edit: so 5 housr later, had more issues again with drivers uninstall not actually uninstalling - use this tool for a more comprehensive uninstall,

Then go to the lenovo official site and download older but more stable graphics drivers.

Hope this helps.

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Change the display flex connected to the motherboard

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