My Device seems to have trouble connecting to my computer

Hey there,

So I was wondering is there a way to work out what is actually the problem and causing the issue that seems to stop me setting up the device and downloading all the Games/Apps/Music/Movies etc on this new device. I cant seem to get the device connected to my computer. I cant seem to set up the device, or even reset the device to factory Re-set. I’m currently trying to work out what could be wrong with my sons device so that I can work on getting a idea of the cost to repair and they decide if that’s an option for me. Please if someone can help, give advice anything that could help work this Leap Frog Ultimate Device Problem Out, That would be so greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

A Frustrated Mum and Very Sad Son!!

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what exactly is happening?

you mention it stops you from setting up the device?

is the touch screen not responding anymore? or does it completely freeze and is unresponsive?

are you using the original cables to charge it?

was anything spilled on it?

when you hook it to your computer, does your computer recognize the device at all?


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