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The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was released on November 4, 2019, and is compatible with the Xbox One, X, & S consoles as well as PCs running Windows 10/11. Model 1797.

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Left Bumper does not function when pressed.

I’m on my second Xbox one Elite Series 2 and the left bumper is failing to repsond. It still has the same click as the right, and only sometimes functions on a hard sustained press.

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I had this exact issue with the right bumper and all I had to do was open the faceplate, take out the plastic sheathe around the bumper button and then proceed to use some rubbing alcohol to clean the button. Has been working for the past few months since doing so with no issues. While sometimes what Shane said is true, that the physical switch can go bad, I would advise to try just cleaning the switch first.

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This is what worked for me too. The hardest part was removing the front faceplate but after that was off, cleaning the little bumper buttons with rubbing alcohol (96-100%) and a Q-tip worked a treat


My son had the same issue with the right bumper. Removed the faceplate. There is a small plastic cover over the switch which I used tweezers to remove. Then I used a Q-tip and alcohol to clean the switch. Then, let everything dry for 5 minutes and reassembled the controller. The bumper is working like a charm again. Thank you for the fixit tip!


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My experience with fixing these is that the physical switch soldered onto the board can go bad. Usually when you press a microswitch, hear the click, and it doesn’t work it means that the physical switch is bad.

If you have low temperature melt solder and a hot air station it’s a doable fix. The part isn’t all that expensive, a ten pack runs about $8-9 on amazon (search bumper switch replacement) and they’re available on wholesale sites for even deeper bulk discounts.

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Yep, I've had at least 3 of these go out in a similar fashion. Word of note when replacing is that the switch is (AFAIK) the same between all Xbox 360 controllers onward. The 360 controllers switches have a slightly different slightly heavier "click" feel, but they will likely require either the head of the switch or the bumper lever to be sanded/filed down to fit. I've personally done this on my elite series 2 and everything has been working great for a few months now.


A friend of mine had a similar issue where the left bumper would only register half the clicks.

If anyone is looking for a specific model switch if your buying off of a website like Digikey or Mouser I used the B3F-3120 from Omron. The click is more muted but the dimensions are perfect.


I tried the fix suggested and now my left bumper doesn’t rumble anymore. Any suggestions?


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