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Advice on first repairs?

Hello, I was recently inspired by the movement of this community and want to try repairing phones as a hobby. I found a man that is willing to sell his iphone 8 in working and overall good condition (battery is at 89%) with cracked back panel for 160 CAD. I looked up the replacement guide on this website and it included a weird heating instrument which I do not have and which probably costs a lot of money. Is there any way for me to replace that panel using tools form “Pro Tech Toolkit“ as I am looking to buy it? Is starting with an iPhone a bad idea? Is it worth from financial standpoint as I would need to resell afterwards?

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The iPhone 8 is not a very good starting device, especially because of the back glass

You almost definitely need to use that heat thing to remove the back panel, but if you want to actually se that iPhone 8 you should maybe fix the battery, and if you want to fix it I would recommend starting off with a iPhone 7 or 6s

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When I started in the repair industry, I started with the 6 and 6s. These are good phones to start on as they are pretty simple and should be relatively cost effective these days to get your hands on.


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it is easier to take a new back housing instead of repairing the back panel (glas), for example buy a iPhone 8 with a damage logic board and use the back housing for your repair and safe the other parts for repair in the future.

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