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Repair guides for the Surface Book 2 15", The 15 inch version of the hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. This device was released in November 2017.

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Can I replace just one of the batteries?

I’m thinking of trying to replace one of the batteries in a Surface Book 2 15” - is there any significant problem with either replacing just the screen segment battery or just replacing the keyboard section battery, but not both?

I just want to be able to unplug the unit and move it (separated or still attached to the keyboard) to plug it in in another room in less than 5 minutes without the whole device shutting down.

AFAICT, there’s no battery swelling, but neither the keyboard nor screen section batteries can hold any charge at all. There’s not even a one-second delay in turning off when the device is unplugged.

I’m not new to repairing devices, but I’m pretty new when it comes to fixing devices designed to defeat owner repair/maintenance.

Thanks for any thoughts, observations, or ideas.

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First off, let me confess that I don't know much about the Surface devices, but I do have a similar Acer laptop/tablet hybrid that's very similar in concept to the Surface. Mine also has two batteries, one in the keyboard and one in the tablet part; they actually both take the exact same battery, but I don't know if that's true for the Surface.

I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume you're running Windows (ha ha, of course you are). Windows will actually see two batteries when the parts are connected and will draw power from whichever one has the most (or any) charge.

So given a choice, it would be better to have the good battery in the tablet part, since you can run the tablet by itself, but you can't run the keyboard by itself. That being said, with Tom's statement that the keyboard battery is easier to replace, it will almost certainly do what you want if you just put a new battery in the keyboard; that is, you would be able to run your Surface from one room to another without a problem. The catch is if you do put it in the keyboard, you'll have to leave the tablet attached in order for that to work. If you put it in the tablet, then you can move it whether or not it's attached to the keyboard.

The short answer is, yes, you can replace only one of the batteries and it will work fine. It would be preferable to put it in the tablet part, but for your purposes and for ease of replacement, putting it in the keyboard should do what you want it to.

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It’s definitely possible. The bottom battery is much easier to replace, you can start from that one.

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