Replacement Screen - Touch Input Not Working

hey all

wife cracked her gt2 screen, so no water damage to the device, water indicator inside also confirming this as it's still white

brought it home, took it apart, ordered a new screen

just got the replacement, installed it, but before i glued it in, tested it, touch input not working however the display portion is

i have seen some posts suggest that there needs to be contact made between the screen and the mainboard, however upon inspection, there are no points at which this would happen on the screen. there is copious amounts of padding preventing it

i've also assembled it out of the frame, and mushed the device together as strong as i felt was comfortable without over-powering to test out the 'touching' theory, and still was unable to register any touch input

i reset the watch multiple times, reseated the ribbon connector multiple times

at this point i'm open to other ideas, and have contacted for a replacement hoping this one is defective


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I'd reconnect the old screen to confirm touch still works and nothing has been shorted. If it still works try the new screen again making sure every connected is seated correctly.


thanks Nigel

Yes, the other screen was working as expected when it was taken apart despite the hairline crack on the glass

However, since the glass and screen are one piece, getting the glass off the device required some force, which unfortunately required damaging the old screen. i'll give it a shot, but i doubt its in working condition


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