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The first generation of the Chevrolet Equinox, a crossover SUV from Chevrolet based on General Motors' Theta platform.

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How do I Fix the brakes on my 2006 equinox?

Repair manual for brakes

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I'm a bit old school and like to have an actual book handy when I'm working on a car, so I'm going to point you to books to use; I'm sure others who are younger will be able to show you where to go to download a manual to your phone, tablet or computer.

Anyway, it appears repair manuals for your Equinox are in print and available. For example, AutoZone carries them; if there's one near you, you can check stock from home then just run over and pick one up - otherwise you can always order it online and have it delivered.

Haynes Vehicle Repair Manual 38040

There's another company called Chiltons that also makes a repair manual for your vehicle, but personally I've always found the Haynes manuals to be easier to use and with better instructions.

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Angie Boehm besides the great answer given by my esteemed colleague, give these excerpts from the service manual a try. Those are from the 2008 but are applicable to your year as well. DRUM BRAKESDISC BRAKESANTILOCK BRAKES

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