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A 15.6" laptop by Lenovo from 2013.

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My keyboard doesn't work anymore

Hello. I didn't use my lenovo 590 for about 2 months and when i tried to open it my keyboard didn't work. I tried an external keyboard but it did't connected. How can I fix this?

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The computer boots normally otherwise?


Yes, it does. It's The first time în 10 years that happens...



When it starts, does the touchpad work OK?

If so get into Device Manager and scroll down to view the status of the keyboard.

If there's a red cross it has been disabled for some reason.

Click on the > symbol next to the Keyboard category heading to expand the list and then right click on the keyboard entry, select enable and follow the prompts

To get to Device Manager (in Win10) using the mouse, right click on the Start button and click on the Device Manager link.


My keyboard is totally dead. My laptop only opens ... i cant log i can't acces it


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Can you get into BIOS using the keyboard?

Start the laptop and then once it starts and before it boots into Windows try pressing the F2 key. Perhaps press it a few times.

Just wondering if it is a keyboard problem or perhaps a Windows problem.

What Windows OS is installed, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10 ?

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I have Windows 7...

Omg. It worked with f2. Thank you! 🥰


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