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PC turns on and off in a second

It turn of when ever it wants while gaming etc and can't turn on but light are blinking showing that PC is turning on & off

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is your computer overheating?
is your graphics card pulling too much energy from intensive gaming sessions?
is there a short in your motherboard?
are you able to check one of the two places that can give you a log of reasons why the computer is turning off?
(one i think is in BIOS, but the other should be in Windows Event Viewer)

This is assuming this is a Windows computer and not Linux or otherwise.
*still learning, but without more information, it's difficult to pinpoint the cause.


@arham97904 what make and model is your TV? What model is your motherboard? What peripheral does your computer have (RAM, Video card, PSU etc.)? what have you checked?


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@arham97904 This sounds like bad ram. You can try removing all the ram, then trying to reinstall the sticks one by one.

Follow the diagram on the motherboard which will indicate which slot should be filled first when only one stick is used.

If it's an older system, generally the slot closest to the CPU should be filled first. If it's a newer system, the second closest to the CPU should be filled first.

You can try both if it's not marked on your motherboard.

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i tested my brothes ram but the dram light still going on and after it turns off my pc turns off then on again

i think my motherboard is burnd or something and i'm not risking that buy a new motherboard because i dont know if its the motherboard fault


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it may be the problem of power supply unit. it may be faulty. can you tell me for how many seconds it remains on and is this process repeating.

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