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Motherboard changed after shortcircuit


I had a short circuit issue with my laptop legion 5 pro 16IAH7 which had i7 12700h and RTX 3050ti.

Since I live in a country with no lenovo service center I took it to a repair shop and they swapped the motherboard with legion 5 pro 16IAH7H motherboard with i7 12700h and RTX 3070.

It is working fine but I have one issue.

Product name, MTM, and lenovo SN are showing "invalid" in bios and when I asked the repair shop about it they said it is not a necessary thing and they said they don't know how to do it!

If you can provide me with a guide on how to change these numbers and is it ok to use the old motherboard serial number and MTM or no.


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@zaidhameed78475 if your computer works with the installed motherboard and there are no issues with it, I would not worry about changing the numbers. Those are most likely on an EEPROM IC on your motherboard and this could require programing of the IC etc. My advice: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Thanks for the reply.

Well it works but I am having some issues like the pc is not recognizing the activation key which is written in the bios (I can see the key in ShowKeyPlus app), and also lenovo apps are not detecting the model of the laptop which means I can't turn on auto updates for future driver updates and I have to do them manually.

The auto updates is not a big deal but I don't want to live with a "Activate windows" watermark when my bios already has a license embedded inside it.


@zaidhameed78475 okay that does make sense. Not the update but the activation key. Let's see if we can determine where the EEPROM sits that stores that information and if/how we can reprogram it. Do you still have you old motherboard? If so, hang on to it. We may need the IC from that.


Well the old IC is already dead due to the short circuit or at least this is what the technician told me and as for the old board they took it already as part of the deal.

I have my old s/n and MTM but I don't know if I can use them on the new board.

I read an article saying that Lenovo uses the old s/n and MTM when they replace the board but I don't know if it will work on a different specs board


@zaidhameed78475 darn that's to bad. Sure would be fairly straight forward with the existing IC. Let me see if I have the schematic for your motherboard and can find the EEPROM on that to see if we can program it etc.


Thank you I really appreciate it 🙏


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