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The first generation (KJ) Jeep Liberty, a compact 4-door SUV. Sold in both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

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What is the torque pattern for the heads?

I'm in the process of changing the head gaskets, but don't know or understand the torque process on the head when I put it back together agian with the new gaskets and new bolts.

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@ivanbendana what engine size, 2.4, 3.7 or a 2.5 Diesel?


Gasoline 3.7 L V6 engine. Chrysler's pain in the ass.


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@ivanbendana let's start with the 3.7.

NOTE: The cylinder head bolts are tightened using an angle torque procedure, however, the bolts are not a torque-to-yield design.
(6) Tighten the bolts in sequence using the following steps and torque values:
† Step 1: Tighten bolts 1–8, 27 N·m (20 ft. lbs.).
† Step 2: Verify that bolts 1–8, all reached 27 N·m (20 ft. lbs.), by repeating step-1 without loosening the bolts. Tighten bolts 9 thru 12 to 14 N·m (10 ft. lbs.).
† Step 3: Tighten bolts 1–8, 90 degrees (Fig. 32).

Block Image

Let us know what get's confusing on this.

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Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! Great guess on this one, @oldturkey03!


@dadibrokeit well you know what they say. Even a broken clock is right twice a day :-)


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