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Guides and repair information for the LG Aristo, also known by the model numbers LGMS210 or MS210. It was released in January 2017.

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Reset MS210 without a functioning Volume DN button

My Aristo MS210 CANNOT be reset since the volume DN button isn't working. It is stuck in pattern recognition security mode. How can the motherboard be reset?

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You can try using download mode to reinstall the software if the volume down button isn't working. To get into download mode make sure the phone is powered off, plug a cable into the computer or laptop port and while holding volume up plug the other end of the cable into your phone Keep holding volume up until you see download mode. If this worked you should be able to reinstall the firmware on your phone.

The below tool is LG Bridge tool and is used to reinstall firmware if needed, install the appropriate LG bridge for whatever system you're on whether it be Mac or Windows and use it to install your firmware.

LG Bridge for Windows OS

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No, this doesn't work. Perhaps I wasn't very clear in my initial post. I cannot set the mode for a USB cable (media device instead of charging only mode), since it is stuck in the security check, so the software cannot access the phone

My LG phone is stuck in the "solve puzzle" security mode, now up to 300 seconds between retries. (yes I forgot the pattern). Neither the UP or DN buttons appear to work, so the "hold volume DN and power button" method shown in numerous Youtube videos won't work.

Like I said I am hoping there is some way to reset the circuit board, much like removing the battery for a computer motherboard, forcing a complete reset of the BIOS. It would be nice to salvage this Aristo since it worked great, and is perfect for traveling.


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You have to open the device and shortout the volume down key or try and repair it, Removing the battery and reconnecting whist holding volume up button may work,

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