Lenovo Legion Y520 many parts malfunctioning after heavy movement

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I have a Lenovo Legion Y520 15IKBM running Windows 10 (Dead right now)

I'm having an issue with certain parts of the pc stop working after moving it from place to place

It started a year ago and was happening after i move the laptop, i tend to not move it gently sometimes inside its bag so it causes the pc to shake a bit

First thing that happened is the headphone jack stopped working,

After another movement USB 3.0 stopped working

And another one the PC won't launch at all anymore, with the LED being red, i left it off charge for the night it suddenly started working, but again the headphone jack is not working

Later that day i took it to the maintenance center, suddenly everything started working even the headphone jack

The weird part then was that the LED started to always be red, even when it's fully charged (it should be white)

Six months later (recently) i dropped the pc, without the bag now, it was a pretty bad drop, it was ON when it fell, it went black immediately, and no longer launches, nor there was a LED at all this time

Later that day, i tried a different charger and it launched, but the headphone jack stopped working again

By this time i figured that movement was causing all these issues, so i started safely dropping it with the bag in order to fix thing (terrible idea i know), a couple of drops made the pc not launch anymore, a couple others made it launch, but the mousepad no longer works

The day after i came to it and mousepad works again

what could be causing all these malfunctions that are being affected by movement? Could this be a power supply issue? And certain things are losing power due to the movement? Or what else could be the issue? could the issue be the I/O Board? Because most of the things that malfunctioned were either input (USB, Headphone Jack) or output(Screen, keyboard backlight, power supply?)

Note that, the day after that, i left the pc untouched, no dropping and shaking, which was working fine then, and now it doesn't launch anymore still, and after force reboot it launched with a black screen, no LED and no keyboard lights either,

after that i took it to a notable service center, they checked and said that the screen backlight and the SSD Drive are broken, so they replaced them, it sounded that they were able to run the pc, the next day they said it returned to the same issue, not launching, and said it can't be fixed anymore because the issue is with a chip in the motherboard called PCH is causing anything they connect to the pc to brake apparently, so they concluded it's not fixable, but they have been wrong about things in the past, so i don't 100% trust their judgement

The funny part is after i took it from them, i pressed the power and put in the a bag, a few minutes later the pc was extremely hot, i knew ir was on, but with no sound, no screen nothing, just the charger LED, which is white when charging and red when not, this happened a second time a few days later as well and that was the last of it

Later i checked and this part seems burnt (i assume this is the PCH the maintenance guy was talking about) check attached Images.

Can this be replaced? It looks like it can be pried off

After speaking with Lenovo (these messages were directed to them) they say this part is not sold separately nor has a part number for me to search online and find it, so I'm stuck with one thing, fix the chip itself

I'm a computer engineer so i should be able to work on it myself and being as careful as possible,


So far After researching this is what i intend to do

1. Since it's the PCH that's probably at fault, I'm considering to attempt to do BGA Reballing, following a full tutorial that i found of course, do you know anything about that? Or can you help me step by step with this? Does BGA Reballing apply to this PCH chip? Will Reballing even fix it? I mean it looks a bit burnt from the outside.

2. I'm looking to get assistance and guidance on fully diagnosing my pc parts and find out where the issue is myself, i will of course get all the kit i need and buy the parts that need replacement. if you can also help me with this, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

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