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Microphone Jack

Are you having issues with your microphone jack?

The microphone jack may be damaged if you are unable to listen to audio through your headphones. If so you will need to visit our repair guide to learn how to correct the damages.

Network Connectivity Problems

Are you unable to connect to the internet?

It may seem like the end of the world if you cannot connect to the internet properly. But do not worry there are simple solutions.

A simple one is your wifi or data may just be turned off. You should simply just go to your settings and turn them on.

Another fix is that you will need to contact your service provider and set up a data plan.


Is your phone overheating?

All phones have the ability to overheat is used too much, such as the constant use of your apps. So you should make sure your apps are closed whenever you finish using them. Also be sure to shut off you're when not in use to cool down.

If the phone is still consistently overheating then you may need to replace the fan as it is likely not working at full capacity.

Cellular Service

Are you unable to connect to your cellular service?

You will need to open the back of your phone to inspect if you have an SD card in the phone. If you do not have one, you need to then contact your service provider and purchase a new one to connect.

Not Activating

Is your phone not turning on?

Open the back of your device and check to see if a battery is inserted.

If one is missing you will need to purchase a new one from your provider. Another option is that you will need to charge your phone. Connect your phone to its charger and allow it a few minutes to charge, if you do not see any screen that shows a charge occuring, then you may need to either change either your charging port

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