Dell E193FPc Troubleshooting

Malfunctioning Display Screen ¶ 

Screen is blank, blurry, or cutting in and out.

Improper Cable Connections ¶ 

  • Make sure the computer/device connected to the monitor is on.
  • Make sure the monitor's power source is properly connected in the back and plugged in to an outlet.
  • Make sure the monitor is properly connected to the intended device via the VGA port. An adapter may be needed depending on the make of the device.

Screen Damage ¶ 

  • Check for any visible screen damage (cracks, holes, etc).
  • See our Screen Guide.

Malfunctioning Power Button ¶ 

Monitor does not turn on/off when the power button is depressed.

Bad Button ¶ 

Circuitry ¶ 

  • This may be due to an internal problem on the circuit board. A replacement board (located under the interface buttons) may be needed. See our Interface Buttons Guide to get to the circuit board.

Defective Pixels ¶ 

Some pixels remain off or on. Stuck on pixels will remain a single color. Dead pixels will display no color.

  • Determine locations of the faulty pixels. This can be achieved by changing the image displayed on your screen and noting the lack of change from a pixel/pixels.
  • Turn off the monitor.
  • Gently massage the screen at noted locations.
  • Turn the monitor back on to see if there is any change.
  • If no change, you may need to replace the screen. See our Screen Guide.

Dim/Bright Display ¶ 

Picture too dim or too bright.

Brightness of the Display ¶ 

  • Reset monitor.
  • Push "Auto-Adjust" Button.
  • Select "Brightness" and adjust accordingly.

Inverter Failure ¶ 

This requires a replacement to be done. See our Inverter Guide.

Misaligned Display ¶ 

Image on screen is off-center or cut-off.

Monitor Settings ¶ 

If the problem is due to the monitor, follow these steps:

  • Push "Auto-Adjust" Button.
  • Select "Centering" and adjust accordingly.
  • If problem persists, see Computer Settings.

Computer Settings ¶ 

  • Adjust Resolution settings in Control Panel/System Settings.

my issue is not listed- when the computer boots up the display turns on for a split second then goes away. Pressing the on/off button and then back on brings the screen up for just a second and then it goes out again. Attached it to a desktop and another laptop- same results. Suggestions???

Eric Ferguson - Réponse

My E193FPc display turns on when my computer starts, but then goes out. Pressing the off button and then pressing it on again, brings the display up for a split second then it goes out again. I attached it to a desktop and two laptops and it did the same. Any suggestions?

Eric Ferguson - Réponse

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