HP PSC 2410 Troubleshooting

Scanner makes clicking/grinding noise ¶ 

If your scanner makes a clicking/grinding noise when you turn your printer on, and an hourglass is in the display on your printer, any number of things could be causing this problem.

Printer Reset ¶ 

If this problem surfaced after a power outage, try resetting your printer. There are many different ways to do this:

  • Press and hold cancel button
  • Partial Reset: # 3, press and hold pound key along with the 3 key
  • Semi Total Reset: # 6
  • Total Reset: # 9

If resetting the printer does not absolve the problem, a few things could be causing the scanner to make these noises. The most common causes are listed below:

Broken Scanner Head ¶ 

If the scanner head is broken, it cannot move across the page. For instructions on how to repair this, see our Scanner Head Replacement Repair Guide.

Dirty scanner glass ¶ 

If the scanner glass has dust underneath it, the glass must be cleaned for scanner to function properly. For directions on how to do so, see our Cleaning the Scanner Glass Repair Guide.

Dirty calibration strip ¶ 

The calibration strip is a white strip along the bottom of the scanner glass. If it is dirty, the scanner will not function properly. In order to clean the calibration strip, you must remove the scanner glass, so see our Cleaning the Scanner Glass Repair Guide to properly remove the scanner glass. After you've removed the glass, carefully clean the calibration strip with a lint-free cloth. For more information, see our Cleaning the Calibration Strip Repair Guide.

Broken scanner lamp ¶ 

If the scanner lamp is dim/burned out, it’s preventing the scanner from working properly. It’s best to replace the scanner lamp. For directions on how to properly replace it, see the Installing Scanner Lamp Repair Guide

Dirty scanner mirror ¶ 

If dust collects on the scanner mirror, it can prevent the scanner from functioning. In this case, the mirror will need to be properly cleaned. To get to the scanner mirror, you’ll need to take the scanner glass off, so see that repair guide. Once you remove the scanner glass, all you need is a can of air duster to clean the mirror.

Dirty/Poor Quality Prints ¶ 

Have printing woes? Here’s a few common problems and fixes.

White lines where full color should be ¶ 

If white lines appear where a solid color block should be, it is likely that your printer head is dirty. See our Printer Head Cleaning repair guide for details on how to properly clean it, and you’ll be printing in color in no time.

Banding ¶ 

Banding stripes across a page of text can be a pain, and they are commonly caused by two things – low ink cartridges and a dirty printer head.

Cartridges need to be replaced ¶ 

For step-by-step cartridge replacement directions, visit this link.

Clean printer heads ¶ 

See this link for directions on how to properly clean printer heads.

Print on page is crooked ¶ 

A few things can cause your printer to not properly align the ink with the page.

Replace encoder strip ¶ 

The encoder strip tells the print carriage where to spray what. If this is dirty, your pages may print misaligned. See our Encoder Strip Replacement Repair Gruide for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Carriage rod is not lubricated ¶ 

The carriage rod suspends the print carriage, and allows the print carriage to move smoothly. If this is not properly lubricated, the print carriage may not operate at full capacity. For directions on how to lubricate the carriage rod, visit this link

Unable to Print ¶ 

Below are a few common problems that may be preventing your printer from functioning.

‘Carriage Jam’ message displayed ¶ 

A couple problems cause this to occur. A carriage jam prevents the carriage from moving across the page, and thus the printer malfunctions.

Dirty/faulty encoder strip ¶ 

If your encoder strip is dirty, dusty, or broken, it will be best to clean it. For additional information, see our Encoder Strip Replacement Repair Guide.

Broken printer carriage ¶ 

If your printer carriage is broken, it will need to be replaced. See our Printer Carriage Replacement Repair Guide for full step-by-step instructions.

Chronic Paper Jams ¶ 

Clean Feed Rollers ¶ 

If you are experiencing paper jams frequently, it is likely that your paper feeder rollers will need to be cleaned. See our Cleaning Feed Rollers Repair Guide for step-by-step instructions.

10 commentaires

help our printer is going straight to photocopying and not printing

lorraine - Réponse

The hp psc print not work

joeborc79 -

print not work

joeborc79 -

yes we haven't used it for a while

lorraine - Réponse

Thank you so much!! I did as the instructions indicated. I cleaned the glass and that clicking stuck issue was resolved!

Cris Baide - Réponse

Cleaning the glass followed by a partial reset not only resolved the scanner making clicking grinding noise problem, but it fixed the align cartridge problem that I have been bypassing for years!

Nichelle King - Réponse

Hi - The printer always goes into Scan mode. It will not cancel, and resets do not solve the problem. I do not have the Install CD”s; so I used both the internal Windows 7 software and down load from the Internet. Kindly offer suggestions. Thanx. Nick M.

Nicholas Micalone - Réponse

Hi - The HP pc 2410 Photosmart All-in-one printer always goes into Scan mode. It will not cancel, and resets do not solve the problem. I do not have the Install CD”s; so I used both the internal Windows 7 software and down load from the Internet. Kindly offer suggestions. Thanx. Nick M.

Nicholas Micalone - Réponse

Thank you for excellent help. It resolved the problem. Great service.

ROB LYTLE - Réponse

I just performed the cleaning as described and my printer is still failing - clicking during power-up self test. This did not resolve this issue with my example.

Al Lighter - Réponse

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