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JBL Pulse 2 Troubleshooting

A splash-proof, portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL, released September 2015.

Battery Won’t Charge When Charger Is Plugged In

Battery weakening over time, hampering the ability to charge.

Faulty Battery

The JBL Pulse features a LED display next to the auxiliary port which shows the current battery charge. It has 5 bars that light up, each representing a 20% charge. However, a faulty USB cord may also affect the connection.

First, make sure the device isn’t fully charged or completely dead. If the problem persists even after the battery is recharged, you may want to consult the device's warranty or any accompanying manuals for more options. Finally, although the JBL Pulse 2 is splash-proof, you should not confuse this with being waterproof. Too much water can wreak havoc with the JBL's system, and if the splash-proofing has been taken to the max, the risk of water damage can increase exponentially. If water damage is the problem, your options are fairly limited, but you should consult the warranty to see what's covered and explore options for resolution from there.

Replace Battery

If the battery isn’t charging at all, it may become necessary to replace the battery. For instructions on how to replace the battery, please follow the link here.

USB Charger Won't Connect

The USB port may be broken or damaged.

Faulty USB Port

In this situation, you will either need to repair or replace the USB port which will require some disassembly. In order to properly disassemble the device to perform the repairs, you can follow the guidelines shown here. You may also want to make sure the port is clean; dust or grime can sometimes interfere with connectivity.

Bluetooth Won’t Connect

Devices will not connect to the speaker or will lose connectivity.

System Upgrade May Be Required

If JBL Pulse 2 is not pairing with other devices or is losing connectivity over time, a firmware upgrade may be needed. For instructions on how to perform the firmware upgrade, follow this link.

Signal Interference

Other devices such as Samsung Smart TVs can hinder connections to the speaker, so before performing the upgrade it is important that another Bluetooth device is not within the range of the JBL, as this can prevent the upgrade from downloading. Ensure that there are no large obstacles between the JBL Pulse 2 and the device is connected to, such as walls if you're indoors, or trees and bushes if you're outdoors. You can also try replace the batteries in the JBL Pulse 2 and then attempting to connect the two devices. Keep in mind that it's possible for the JBL Pulse 2 to turn back on, but the battery may be so low that other devices can't connect.

Speaker Won't Turn On or Off

The speaker will not properly turn on or off.

Faulty Power Button

If the buttons aren’t working properly, the battery may be dead. Check or change the battery as needed. The battery may be dead. Change the battery to see if that resolves the issue. Also ensure that the device has not been exposed to too much water, as this can have a negative impact on the device’s functions. One of those potential negative impacts is that the buttons on the device stop working. For further instructions to change the battery, follow this link.

Lights Won't Work

Lights will not properly function while music is playing.

Firmware is Out of Date

With this problem, a firmware upgrade may be necessary to fix this problem. Water damage may also impact this function. You can find out how to do that by following this link.

I want a replacement usb port, and a guide on how to replace the usb port of a JBL Pulse 2

Rahul Prasad - Réponse

How do you know if you speaker is on or off mine only says dn dn then it just becomes quitet

DJncjdbcjdbvjdbf - Réponse

While i was updating the firmware when it got disconnected and not turn on since that. Was working perfectly before that. I never closed the screen or the app is the rare thing.

Ing. Jose Edgardo Garcia - Réponse

I have a Pulse 2 that only the “sun" light is showing and the unit it flashing red. Unit is not doing anything else. Help please

thewolfmancody - Réponse

Mine was working perfectly fine until the battery went low,I charged it even though it took longer than expected for it to be fully charged, now it’s not working anymore.

Candylove Aidoo - Réponse

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