Motorola V60i Troubleshooting

The Motorola V60i replaced the V60t model. It includes a camera, outer screen, and predictive text.

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers the TDMA models of the V60i released in 2002.

Phone won't turn on ¶ 

Your phone will not gain power.

Keypad Issues ¶ 

When the charger is plugged in a charging symbol is displayed but the power button on the keypad will not start the phone. The keypad is most likely the issue and should be replaced.

Battery ¶ 

If the charger is plugged in and no charging symbol appears on the inner or outer screen the battery may be dead. Also check to make sure the charger is properly functioning.

Logic Board ¶ 

If the battery, charger and keypad all are in working order but the phone will still not power on then there is a problem with the logic board.

Screen won't show up ¶ 

The screen does not light up or display images.

Inner screen ¶ 

The screen inside the front cover of the phone, directly above the keypad does not work. If the phone can be heard ringing but nothing appears on the screen then the inner screen needs to be replaced.

Outer screen ¶ 

The outer smaller screen does not show words or light up. The outer screen needs to be replaced.

Logic Board ¶ 

If both the inner and the outer screens continue to not function correctly after they have been replaced then the logic board is most likely the issue.

Can't answer a call ¶ 

Phone will not allow you to answer when it is ringing.

Keypad ¶ 

The screen is working and an incoming call cannot be answered after pushing the answer button. The keypad may need to be replaced.

Phone shuts off when I unplug it ¶ 

When charger is disconnected phone shuts off.

Bad battery ¶ 

If the phone cannot hold the charge from the charger the battery is probably dead and needs to be replaced.

Can't get service ¶ 

Phone cannot make or receive calls, often times "Roaming" or "No service" available appears on the screen.

Antenna ¶ 

The phone does not have service in areas where your service provider provides coverage. Calls may "drop" often. The antenna should be replaced.

Carrier issues ¶ 

If the antenna is not the problem you should contact your service provider with coverage issues.

None of the above? ¶ 

None of the problems above match the one you are having, or you've tried a suggested solution without success.

If you are having any other problems, it is very likely due to a bad logic board. The logic board has many components and controls multiple aspects of the device. It is possible that only one of them could fail making it appear that a certain other component of the phone, such as the display, is bad. If replacing the apparently non-working part didn't fix the problem, it is likely that the logic board will need to be replaced.

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