TRS-80 Color Computer Troubleshooting

Output on TV is fuzzy or unclear.

There is a switch on the back of the computer that says channel 3 on the right and channel 4 on the left. Set the TV to the channel that the computer is set to. If it still is unclear, flip the switch on the computer and change the TV channel to the correct one.

If you are certain you are on the correct channel check the antenna and make sure they are connected securely and properly. Wiggle it around to find the position that gives best reception.

Check the contrast, brightness and other controls on your TV. If any one of these controls is turned to one extreme or the other, there will be no visual display. Adjust them to get the best visual possible.

Your screen switches from TV to your computer.

Check the antenna to see which channel the computer should be set on. Either 3 or 4 and make sure the TV is on that channel. See "TV is not on Proper Channel."

You keep pressing the power button and nothing happens.

Make sure the computer is plugged into the outlet. If that doesn't work, take off the case and check the power cord connection. If the cord is frayed, see the "Power Cord Installation Guide" to replace the cord.

Sometimes the TV settings are not correct do it might seem like the computer won't turn on. See previous "poor reception or fuzzy display" to fix this problem.

Make sure all of the accessories (TV, tape deck, and floppy drive)are turned on before trying to turn on your computer.

You keep trying to put it in but the computer doesn't respond.

If the volume on the cassete is too high, sometimes the tape will not load or it will not give any audio feedback. Check recorder's volume control and adjust it so the volume is at a reasonable level.

Remove the tape and try loading a duplicate copy of the tape if you have one.

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