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Sharp Aquos LC13B2UA Troubleshooting


The Aquos is a 13-inch LCD display created by Sharp, which includes ASV (Advanced Super View) technology, and built in 181 Channel Tuner. A few specifications include:

Panel Type: Active Matrix 13” LCD

Pixel Resolution: 480 x 640

Video System: NTSC/PAL/SECAM

Audio System: Two 2.1W Speakers

Lamp Type/Life: Edge-Light System, CFL / 60,000 hours

The Sharp Aquos’ demensions are16 57/64” by 13 5/16” with stand, and weights 9.5 pounds. Standard warranty includes a limited 1 year parts and labor.


There are two methods of identifying the model of the Sharp Aquos LC-13B2UA:

A. On the back of the television between the silver tilt mount in the center of the tv, there is a panel containing Model, Serial Number, and manufactured date. The model number should read: LC-13B2UA

B. If the tv is mounted and you are unable to remove the television from the wall:

The model number and serial number are accessible via the service menu.

WARNING: The service menu is intended for Sharp Technicians only, follow these steps:

  1. While the LCD is on, unplug the power cable
  2. Hold the “Input” and “VOL (-)” buttons on the television, then re-plug the cable
  3. When the TV powers up a “k” will appear in brackets
  4. Press and hold the “VOL (-)” and “CH (-)” buttons on the remote and release
  5. The service menu will appear on the tv

-To turn off service menu, turn off the tv set

Additional Information

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