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Modèle début 2011, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 ou processeur 2.7 GHz i7.

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My headphone jack is very lose


recently the headphone port on my macbook has become very lose and the headphones will easily come out.

my questions is there an easy way to fix this or is it remove and replace the jack

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Sadly this is not an easy fix :-(

The socket is mounted on the logic board and you'll need to fully remove it to even have a chance of replacing it. This is a job for someone with microsodering skills and the needed parts.

Frankly, I would look for a USB DAC unit as the cheaper way around this. Here's one example: AudioEngine D3

The last option here is to replace the logic board.

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ok thanks

will keep using it until its unusable


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