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The Dell Venue 8 Pro is an 8-inch tablet released by Dell in January 2014.

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Dell Venue 8 Pro battery replacement

How is the battery replaced in the Dell Venue 8 Pro and where do I get a new battery?

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My tablet will not turn on...The light indicator lights up when charging . but then aftwr an hour it still wont turn on !!


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Here is a link that shows how to replace the battery in your tablet.

They also advertise that they sell batteries for the tablet. You may wish to 'Google' search for Dell Venue 8 Pro battery to see if there are other suppliers and if the price being asked for the battery by the people in the video is competitive.

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Thanks you very much. Looks easy enough.


Thanks the video help A lot . got the battery out just in time , it was pushing the display screen out , now I need to find a new battery. any Ideas


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