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The Dell Inspiron 11-3147 is an 11" laptop-and-tablet hybrid device. The screen can fold onto its back to allow for handheld usage. It was manufactured in August 2015 by Dell.

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Keyboard replacement possible? Dell Inspiron 3147

Inspiron 11-3147 2-in-1

Can the keyboard be replaced on the palmrest and keyboard assembly unit of this specific model? It is a laptop/tablet with touch screen. The display can bend 180 degrees to fold back against the base for tablet mode.

The Dell support website for the laptop lists a part for just the keyboard, but the Dell Owner's manual does not detail the removal of the keyboard. I have a a replacement keyboard to install, but I hesitate to remove the keyboard from the "palmrest and keyboard assembly" unit if the manual does not list this procedure.

The palmrest and keyboard assembly is a separate unit from the just the keyboard in the Dell parts listing. Both parts are available on eBay. The palmrest and keyboard assembly sometimes is sold with keyboard and touchpad, sometimes just the "frame" and touchpad without keyboard. Rarely just the frame itself - sans keyboard and touchpad.

Working on this 2-in-1 laptop/tablet is a new experience for me. The guts of the computer - battery, drive, mainboard, speakers,etc., reside on the topside/keyboard side of the computer. That unit is named palmrest and keyboard assembly. The bottom of the computer is simply a shell, with no parts attached to the bottom side.

Previously, I have torn this computer down and successfully replaced the Power Port Adapter. So I don't hesitate in the tear-down, only in knowing for sure if the keyboard specifically can be replaced.

Dell part listing



Inspiron 11-3147 2-in-1

Computer Model: Inspiron 11–3147

Regulatory Model: P20T

Service Tag: C267712

Manual lists procedure for removing

palmrest and keyboard assembly, but not for removing the keyboard from the assembly.

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Hey Loren,

Sorry I'm late. Just saw this after I replaced mine. Yes, it can be replaced, but it depends on how bad you want to replace it. Once you break it down, don't forget to remove that black sticky cover. Then you will see a metal cover with a bunch of grey circles of sealant. Almost look like they sealed the top of a screw head, but it is just sealant. You have to use a putty knife and carefully remove all of the grey sealant circles on the metal cover. Once that is done, you can remove the metal cover. Then you will see the back of the keyboard itself. The keyboard has another 25 little grey sealants, but these you can pretty much just "twang" off with the edge of your putty knife. Then carefully remove the rubbery keyboard. I used super glue "gel" to install the new one. I had five minute epoxy but that lasted five minutes and hardened. (Who'd of thought?). Good luck. I only did it because I was upset that I bought a $20 keyboard from China and waited 3 weeks to receive it. I wasn't going to buy a $100 palmrest/keyboard combo after I spent $20 and waited 3 weeks.

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Thank you for the reply Daniel. And your write-up is exactly what I did. I also bought the $20 keyboard from China (Dell part F4R5H). I used a hotknife to melt off those tops of plastic to remove the metal chassis/cover which sandwiches the keyboard between itself and the laptop body (Dell part 7W4K6). I then melted those nub things which keep the keyboard on the body.

To attempt to keep the new keyboard in place, I went with super glue at each of the spots I had melted for removal. The glue was not strong enough at all the spots, but overall, it appears I have enough adherence for it to be reliable.

I agree with Daniel, in that it wasn't worth the roughly $120 for the touchpad/base 7W4K6, but for $20 for the keyboard F4R5H - this sounded like a fun adventure.

I purchased the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, and it is fantastic. I used several of the tools for this project. And I see the price online at the moment is $69.95. What a deal! Product code: IF145-307-1


I took alot of pictures of each step if anyone needs them


I am about to attempt to replace the keyboard on my wife's laptop and I, too, purchased the keyboard replacement (not the palmrest base). Your photos would be most helpful before I dive in. Thanks!


@dimbimbo here is a link to a collection of photos showing the keyboard and the brads which had to be melted or cut off to release the keyboard from a metal frame. Getting the keyboard assembly freed from the body of the laptop was fairly standard. But separating the keyboard from the metal frame is the exciting stuff.

I know ideally the photos should be part of a more formal teardown page here in ifixit, but i want to make them available to you if you are anxious to get going on your project.


Thanks Loren, the photos are very helpful!


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Here is a link which details the removal of the palmrest keyboard for your laptop. I suspect that it is not what you are after as it does not show the keyboard being separated from the palmrest.

With the assembly removed from the laptop perhaps you will be able to ascertain how to separate the two components. Hopefully it still will be of some use to you.

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Thank you @jayeff for the reference. This will help with the tear-down. My main concern is whether the keyboard to assembly fasteners are reusable. If not, I can always devise some clever Super Glue remedy. Thanks for the help.


I replaced my keyboard, found the above very helpful and also gave me courage to keep going. Used glue gun to attach keyboard to the plastic cover and also to re-attach the sheet metal backing. Worked like a charm! Put everything back together and it works great. Thanks.


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