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Merch Source Projector Entertainment II device page. This is an identical product to the Shift 3 Light Blast Entertainment Projector.

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What lightbulb do I need?

I am trying to order a new light-bulb for my Merchsource Projector-Entertainment-II but I am not sure what kind of light-bulb I need to order. Does the wattage matter?

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My bulb is about 3 years old but still works, I picked up a GE energy smart LED 7 watt mr16 accent light with the 2 thin pins from Walmart for about $20 it is rated at 500 lumens and runs cold. Projected life of 25000 hours. It works great!

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walmart does not have this, out of stock, now where can you get a replacemnt bulb?


I just found a PDF version of the handbook for this machine. Manufacturer says to use a 55W 12V MR16 halogen bulb.


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