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What can I do if my computer doesn't start?

What can I do if my computer doesn't start?

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Hi, What indications (lights, fan noise etc) if any do you get when you connect the charger to your laptop and try to start it? What OS is installed? What have you tried to do to make it start?


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You can try to see if lack of power is an issue that is causing the computer to not start. Try using a different known working charger to plug into the machine to see if the charger is potentially an issue. The problem may also be an operating system problem. If you get a message saying that 'windows is unable to start' try letting automatic startup repair try to fix the problem on its own. If that doesn't work, you can insert the original installation disc that was provided by Dell to help repair the problem. The hard drive might also be malfunctioning. You can hear the device clicking on the inside and sometimes see a message on the screen saying "no disc found." This part can be replaced by Dell if the unit is still under warranty or yourself with a replacement hard drive.

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