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Released June 2012, identified by model number 3560.

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My laptop screen wont turn on (Dell Vostro 3350)

So I stacked my laptop in my locker, along with other stuff, and when I turn it out, The screen wont turn on. The laptop is working properly except the screen. I need to wait at least an hour for the screen to suddenly went on. I want to know whats wrong and how to fix it myself. Can anybody help?

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Connect an external monitor to the laptop and check if it shows a display OK.

If there is a desktop display on the external monitor

Use a torch and shine it at an angle close the the laptop's LCD screen to check if you can see a display on the LCD screen when the laptop is on. It will be very faint so try it in a darkened room to make it easier.

If you can detect a display then you have a backlight problem. This could be caused by either a faulty backlight power supply, a faulty backlight power cable, a faulty lid switch or a faulty LCD screen

If there is no display then you either have a faulty video cable, faulty video cable connection (at either end - motherboard or screen) or a faulty LCD screen.

If there is no desktop display on the external monitor then you either have a faulty GPU or a faulty motherboard, (which is usually the same thing as the GPU is permanently mounted onto the motherboard)

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Hi Rizqi Rabbani  ,

Here i can suggest you with some steps to fix this problem as the problem is big because a “black screen” and “Wont Turn On” can lost a huge amount of unsaved data.

Know '''How To Fix Dell Laptop Wont Turn On''' and try to do on your own!!

Follow the below mentioned steps for it

Adopting forced ePSA

Step 1 – Force turn off the laptop from the power button

Step 2 – After that option of disconnecting AC Adapter and chord.

Step 3 – Take off the battery and rest battery power should be drained off

Step 4 – Turn on the laptop and go for Dell diagnostic screen

Step 5 – A pop up will show the color press "Yes" to confirm

Step 6 – Following these steps please go for the boot option

Hope this is the solution for your laptop turn on issue. For more accurate solution you can refer to the site i have been through!!!


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