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Windows 7 issued, 64-bit laptop, touch-screen laptop/notebook.

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Why won't my laptop display, or charge.


The computer will not post. It shows signs of booting such as fans spinning, and the optical drive audibly initializing.


With the factory issued charger inserted, I get a white charge-light for about a second, then it turns orange. The power indicator is also lit, however the HDD light is not. If the charger is removed when the computer is “booted” (I.E. Fans spinning) the light flashes white every second.

Things I’ve Tried:

  • Different chargers, universal, and brand name. I get the same results.
  • Unplugging the battery and CMOS and holding the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Tried and external HDMI monitor.
  • Swapping RAM with test sticks
  • Booting without the HDD
  • Booting with the battery disconnected


The battery was swapped in November because it was dead.

The heatsink was swapped in November because one of the fans stopped spinning.

Windows was reinstalled because of a drive issue


If anyone has any insight, I’d love some assistance. The service manual should be linked on the device page if that helps anyone. Thank you!

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Hi @fletchertime ,

Just asking when you say "Unplugging the battery and CMOS" does this mean that you unplugged the RTC battery from the motherboard as well as disconnecting the main battery when you did the discharge test and then replaced the RTC battery after checking that it was OK?

Also you don't mention if there are any "beeps" on startup. Is there a single beep? If so it has passed POST.

Can you get into BIOS (if the screen works - did you try pressing Fn + F4? (a few times it might step through different display options i.e. laptop, external, both etc) to see if you can get an external display to work)?

Just some thoughts.


Yes I unplugged the RTC and it was fine. I don't get any post beeps. I can't get into BIOS at all.


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From my experience, especially with HP laptops, you have some sort of motherboard failure. A while back it was an issue with their onboard graphics cards. You may want to look up services that repair board level issues.

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That's what I was hoping it wouldn't be. The issue for me is that I've had issues with HP proprietary chargers in the past, and i would like to completely rule out power issues.


If it's a barrel charger (round tip) then those are almost universal as I've used Dell and HP barrel chargers to charge both systems interchangeably. You have done everything I would have tried. Unfortunately, I've seen this too many times before. Hopefully you can find a reputable and affordable service. I've used several in the past with great results. Most are in the NY area.


I looked up the part through HP's part store and found a single used, but tested mobo on ebay. Will order and update if the fix works, however I'm confident your answer is correct.


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