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The Nokia 2630b is basic phone with a VGA camera.

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I have no ringing tone

I must have accidentally pressed some button because at the top of my screen I have a musical note with a line through it and my phone no longer rings when there’s a call. How can I remove it?

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Try pressing and holding the # key to see if the silent mode icon disappears.

This is from the user guide


Your phone has various setting groups called profiles for which you can customize the phone tones for different events and environments.

Select Menu > Settings > Profiles, the desired profile, and Activate to activate the selected profile, Personalise to personalize the profile, or Timed to set the expiry time for the active profile.

When the time set for the profile expires, the previous profile that was not timed becomes active.

To activate silent mode, you can also press and hold #.”

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my query. I'm eternally grateful!


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