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The optional mobile computing cart with a space-saving design makes it easy to charge, manage, and store up to 36 systems at once. An LED light lets teachers easily see that all devices are actively charging.

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Can I bypass my admin by replaceing the ssd?

ok so i just got my chrome book this year for school and YES I KNOW I SHOULDNT TINKER WITH A SCHOOL CHROME BOOK! But hear me out. so my chrome book like any other school cromebook is enrolled making it impossible to get dev mode and linux and basically stoping you from having any fun with your chromebook but i was thinking if i were to buy a ssd that came out of a non enrolled chrome book and took out my current ssd and replaced it with the non enrolled one would i be able to get dev mode linux etc?? and would putting the original ssd back into my chrome book make my chrome book enrolled again? and would my school ever be able to tell if i put back the original one before i gave it back to them?? i apreciate any help thx:)

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The admin enrollment policies are stored in firmware and on Google’s servers. In addition, they are enforced at the hardware level and tracked as an active asset with the serial number. No - you can’t bypass it. In addition, any school with a competent IT staff uses forced enrollment to avoid circumvention and ensure the school provided Google account is used.

Unless you get to keep it at graduation (make sure it’s released on the last day of school by powerwashing it, or you get *something* notarized saying it’s legally yours, so you have leverage if they forget) or can buy it out (if you do, have it released on the spot and ownership transferred with Dell). Fail to do this, and you have no recourse if it remains locked.

The SSD only holds Chrome OS and again, it’ll take on the restrictions set by your school because it has the “tied” S/N.

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can the intire motherboard be replaced to get rid of the school control


@burnsjames251 Yes, but it's not cost effective; as much as finding one which wasn't sold off without it. Buy a donor with a good board and a cracked screen if you insist on reusing the "locked" chassis to make the economics work.


I am an IT Director for a school system and normally any tampering with a school system falls under "misuse or tampering with a school device". This is generally covered under a school's computer use agreement and/or code of conduct. Violation of this would get you in trouble on some level and in my district, monetary restitution would have to be made to replace the Chromebook. It is best to just purchase your own Chromebook new or used or purchase a broken one online and repair it.


@l33thoneybadger You can't teach them not to try this crap, sadly. The CLI S/N hole is long patched, and you need to reprogram the EEPROM now to change the S/N. Again, anyone who is competent blocks CLI access on student devices... I would never buy a Chromebook from a school willingly -- too many get abused!

Even I think getting around this as an adult is a complete waste of my time and skills. It's trash and a parts unit unless you can contact the district. I didn't learn what I know now to bypass a cloud-based admin tie on devices kids regularly abuse and blame the school for breaking to try to not pay for it.

If you're gonna get hit with an abuse punishment, make it worth the risk. Not bypassing Chromebook management, which is hopeless.


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