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The Stylo 4 Plus is a midrange phablet Android device released by LG in 2018. Identifiable by model numbers Q710PL and Q710WA.

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Why is my screen washed out/keyboard not responding?


I’ve had my LG Stylo 4 plus for about a year. I dont drop it and ive never had it in water. today out of nowhere, the screen kind of got this washed out color and there are three horizontal (not vertical) lines running down it. the icons have halos around them and my touch screen mostly works until I want to type something.

the keyboard then acts like i’m pressing too long, has phantom swypes, or just doesnt type anything at all. if i want to actually swype something myself, it doesnt work.

I started it in safety mode to see if it’s an app, but it has the same problem. I dont want to do a hard reset if i dont have to, so im wondering if its a hardware issue and if it is, what hardware? if its cheap to fix i’ll fix it myself.

UPDATE: the keyboard seems to work fine in the Keep Notes app and the Telegram X app, but not in browser, hangouts, or texting. i am fine with the screen being this way right now, but the keyboard working perfectly in some apps and not in others entails a software issue right?

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Try clearing the cache partition in the phone and check if this resolves the problem.

Here’s how to do this

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Bree R this sounds like an issue with the display assembly. Of course it could always be something more sinister like a touch IC on the main board etc. I suggest you start with a display replacement and then re-evaluate.

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