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Released in October of 2003, Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-T1 is an ultra compact camera with many great features all in a package about the size of a deck of playing cards.

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Photos come out white and hazy

I stay in a very humid country, an dont often use my camera. I recently had the ccd replaced, but now i'm experiencing photographs that are coming out very misty, almost as if a fog was present on a clear sunny day. it appears on the preview on the lcd and when you transfer to a laptop.I'm not sure what has caused this but suspect its because i keep my camera in storage without charging for long periods.

Please help me repair this problem.

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first off I'd turn the camera on and examine the camera from the front to see whether there is any residue/fog/dirt etc on your lens or light sensor. If nothing is obvious then i would open the camera using thisguide and take a good look at all the parts for corrosion/mould etc. I think either your CCD connection has been effected by the humidity or their is condensation/mould on the light sensor (so that the camera thinks it's dark and is then overexposing your images) I would have thought that any condensation on the inner lens would have rendered images fuzzy/blurred/spotty, not over bright.

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Sorry all contacts are mould/corrosion free, problem still exists. I could better explain the problem as being if somebody turned up the contrast a bit too much. The LCD Brightness and Backlight are not the problem, what you see on the LCD and the downloaded image is a picture with too much contrast. Areas in the picture where sunlight is in high concentration are really bright almost as if there was a flash of light in that area. if you inspect the lcd at an angle before a picture is taken you can see a large part of it has what appears to be a large white area, with the outer edges appearing normal. hope this helps


Mine did the exact same thing! Any help greatly appreciated


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