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Repair information and troubleshooting for the Lenovo Y700 gaming laptop with a 14 inch screen. This laptop was made in 2015 as part of the IdeaPad Y series and has since been discontinued.

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Battery not identified when installed and connected.

New battery does not show up as installed when installed and connected.

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Michael Greenberg does your computer still read the info from the old battery? Where did you get the battery from? What did you change your battery?


No longer have OEM battery to check it. It was getting worn out, would not hold charge for long. Bought replacement from iFixit.


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1 solution

Here are options you could try

-reinstalling the battery may not be connecting correctly

-recalibrate the battery

-see if there are updated drivers for detection on Lenovo website.

Otherwise there is the chance that you have a defective battery.

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