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Nest's 3rd-generation learning thermostat. Released on September 1st of 2015. Model numbers: T3007EF, T3007ES, T3008US, T3010FD, T3010GB, T3016US, T3017US, T3018US, T3019US, T3021US, T3032US.

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How to drain battery

The iFixit instructions with the replacement battery says to charge, drain, and charge. Does anyone know how to drain the battery in a consistent way and how long does it take to do so. Obviously, reconnecting the thermostat back to the base won’t work since it can charge from the base.

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Hi @sscollis ,

Try disconnecting the power from the base.

As to how long it takes would depend on how much charge the battery has and what the load current is. I don’t know the answer to this.

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If you disconnect the "C" wire (probably blue) it will probably drain. Might take several days and inevitably will die at 2 am when it's 95 degrees out and you will wake up in a hot sweat! Personally I think that whole "memory" thing with batteries is left over from old NiCAD batteries and likely unnecessary for this application.


@nicksartor Nowadays the charge/drain instructions are not for the benefit of the battery "memory", but rather for the sake of battery health calibration to establish a full/empty baseline for monitoring the battery charge.


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