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Released November 6th, 2020. Model LM-K920

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How much to replace a LG k92 5G screen

How much to replace a LG k92 5G screen at a repair shop.

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Hi @nemesisk,

Asking this question without any details, makes it impossible for us to answer (without it being a complete guess).

We would need to know:

  1. Your location
  2. Average hourly rate the repair shops charge
  3. What happened (fall, liquid, etc)?

We can't magically give you the price, because such a repair here in Norway (where I am) is totally different from, say a top shop in London, or any other big city, price wise.

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it will depend on the shop as not all of them charge the same price, it also depends on the price of a replacement screen

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@nemesisk the goal of iFixit and this part, the Answers forum, in particular is to empower you to repair your own device. What you can get on here, is free quality advice and in the case of your device, even the right guide. So I suggest you look through this guide and see what you think. Not really that complicated and well explained. Once you've read through the guide a few times and you are ready to fix your own phone, You can get the screen from places like this and many others. cost is around USD$60 for the complete display assembly. It comes with the frame so it's even easier to replace.

As for suggesting repair shops etc. , we like to stay away from that. The main reason for that is the amount of Spam it can generate. The other reason is, that it is hard to remain objective. Users would always recommend the shop where they had the best experience, even so it maybe totally different for you. The ones we do suggest are those that are part of the iFixit community and known to be consistent with their quality etc. You can check for those on here



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