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lacie backup drive constantly flashing

hello I have a 1TB lacie rugged usb-c drive connected to a 2014 Mac mini that is set up as a time machine backup drive , the light on the drive Is constantly flashing all the time even when the drive has stopped backing up, Is this normal

thank you

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@lethal99887 what model is your drive? Do you have it connected to an external power supply?


@oldturkey03 is a Lacie rugged usb-c 1TB , the serial number is 0000NL69L4RM, no it isn't connected to an external power supply


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What does the owners manual say? If you don’t have it it should be accessible of the internet.

Update (05/21/24)

Here’s the users manual for your drive. It appears LaCie has some utilities which you can down load. I would recommend doing that and make sure you followed the setup instructions if you haven’t.

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