Si vous ne chargez pas votre Nexus 7 pendant trop longtemps, elle se décharge entièrement, à tel point qu'elle ne s'allume plus.

Symptômes :
  • Symptômes :

  • 1. Le Nexus 7 ne s'allume plus.

  • 2. L'icône de la batterie ne s'affiche pas quand le chargeur est branché.

  • 3. Dans une pièce sombre, le voyant est allumé. Lorsque vous appuyez sur le bouton de marche pendant 30 secondes, le voyant s'allume.

  • Solution :

  • 1. Enfoncez les deux boutons de volume (appuyez au milieu) et branchez le câble d'alimentation (en continuant à appuyer). Appuyez pendant 40 secondes.

  • 2. Appuyez sur le bouton de marche pour allumer la tablette.

  • À l'avenir, ne laissez pas la tablette se décharger complètement.


I have heavy problem:(

When I was doing root my Asus N7 (2012) it restart and stuck... I power off an after that it is not ON... (Battery is full charger)

I Hold down both volume buttons (Press the center) and plug in charger (while holding the buttons). Hold down for 40 seconds.

I also press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together and didn't turned on .

When I connect PC it's not connect...

What can I do...

Help me!!!!

Giorgi Tabatadze - Réponse


Cette procédure a permis de réparer 25 Nexus 7, qui étaient restées inutilisées pendant des mois et s'étaient entièrement déchargées.

72 autre(s) ont terminé cette réparation.

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Alan Nishioka

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43 commentaires

perfect! works like charm.

fireflysean - Réponse

AH! I thought my Nexus was a goner and it's only about a month old! This worked immediately. Thanks for this fix.

thedomesticgeekblog - Réponse

Great! Worked for me first time!

Ron Lopez - Réponse

Complete failure. Nothing happened after performing those steps. Help me!!!!

Craig Walkup - Réponse

Is the backlight cycling as described?

This worked for over 20 devices for me and recently I bought another one and it worked for this one too.

Alan Nishioka -

I've tried this many times and it still doesn't work. Someone please help.

Justin Akey - Réponse

Is the backlight cycling as described?

Alan Nishioka -

Thank you! I thought I'd gone mad and my tablet broke! Works great!

Aurora - Réponse

Just had what appeared to be this issue with our tablet but the above guide did not fix it. As i wont be beaten by something like this. I popped the tablet open and actually found the battery connector to the PCB had partially come loose. After reseating the plug the tabet booted right up as soon as a charger was put in

louiserknight - Réponse

Backlight not on. Does not come on or cycle after 30 or 60 seconds holding down the power button. The unit had a cracked screen but would power up and charge. Replaced the screen and now it wont charge or power on. I have tried all the combinations of button booting online, this being the last one I found (so far). I have reopened and rechecked all the connections that are part of the screen replacement process. All are tight. I even tried a battery "jump start" I found online wire stripping the end of a charging cord and then putting the red and black cables directly into the two sets of red/black wires in the battery cable clip, charging each for at least 30 minutes. Nothing has worked. Bad replacement screen? Bad battery? How can I check? Other ideas?

Marc Riddick - Réponse

Mine is exactly like urs but have also put in a new battery without success :(

Did u get any luck?

Nia -

Mine is the same this. No backlight at all. I hold it for 60sec and nothing. I checked the charge and she's all good. I even jump started her and nothing. My screen isn't even broken. I was using it and it died. So I plugged it in and walked away. Several hours later I tried to start her and nothing. I even d/c and the power on button and reconnected it. I don't know what else to do now. I had a lot of important stuff on there that wasn't backed up. Any thoughts folks?

Yuppers -

did you ever fix your nexus? I'm having the same problems as you did. Bought a new screen that was already on the frame so I didn't have to do the extra work. Nothing but black screen but I can hear sounds coming from it and when I touch the screen but no picture.

kevin -

I would try Unplugging power cord and plugging in a bunch of times, as mine did same thing with noise but black screen and after a while it booted up. Then again my n7 2012 has seen better days

Auston hetzer -

Thank you so much, I thought it was a gone, and just googled this as a shot in the dark, thank you , thank you, thank you again!!!!!!!!

heather - Réponse

THANKS YOU!!! I thought I was gonna have to buy a new phone. thank you so much

Robel Mutumbo - Réponse

THANK YOU!! OMG this worked and I am so happy. I thought it was done for

Marcy Banks - Réponse

Thanks! I was sure I had finally broken my tablet when it would not power up after I dropped it. I was thrilled when the lights came back on after following your instructions. Just finished doing my Happy dance!

Hosea Bostic - Réponse

You're an absolute genius, I can't thank you enough for posting this and saving me buying a new worked first time after hours of me trying. Thank you, thank you, thank're a legend ;o)

Natasha Soliar - Réponse

it worked but it reset all my backgrounds

anankae - Réponse

It did not work .It flickeres then nothing.

Nancy - Réponse

My tablet is powered up but the screen is black...when I did the steps above the back light came on but nothing!

Rachel Evans - Réponse

it is important to plug in the adapter WHILE holding down the keys

Alan Nishioka -

My tablet (Nexus 7 2nd Generation),

When I start watching YouTube, and it paused then it turn all blacklight.

I was so mad. So then, I keep power off then turn back on, it kept doing that many times.

So I was looking at this site how to fix it.

I was wondering if it reset or not. I just don't want lose my whole stuff in my tablet.

Please reply me as soon as you can.

Thank you,

Perry Ping

Perry Ping - Réponse

I tried to hold down the power button for 40 seconds or more. It do turned on but, few minutes later, its froze, and the touch screen is not working.

(Frozen while on, and touch screen is not working)

Can anyone got ideas? Please reply me.

Perry Ping -

This helped for me!

Henk van Kampen - Réponse

Thanks! Worked Perfectly while everything else Fails!

Sally Burke - Réponse

This is amazing! I hadn't touched my Nexus for over a year and thought it was for sure a failure. Works perfectly now!

*Note: This did not work until I plugged in the usb power port at the EXACT moment I pushed the volume buttons.

Mary Ellen Carmody - Réponse

As Mary said above, hold volume buttons down before plugging in. When it works it looks like a very dark static TV screen. Left my battery plugged in for at least 30 mins, didn't work until I tried above. Took an additional 30 minutes after solution before it would turn on to load screen. Been charging now for 4 hours, still at only 50%. Don't get discouraged if the battery doesn't immediately charge.

Joshua Parker - Réponse

Make sure you hold the middle of volume for 40 seconds

Then hold power another 40 seconds the guide worked on mine

Naomi Venable - Réponse

After not using my nexus7 since 2013 this did the trick ! Thank you !

The key everyone is to be patient. if it doesn't work immediately just let the tablet stay plugged into an electrical outlet to recharge for a whiles, and then re-attempt the button mashing trick.

jrmayfield2003 - Réponse

it just killed my tablet

KillerKing 1231 - Réponse

I was having same Nexus 7 was off for months and it to turn on, takes forever to charge, but the issue is, now it won't hold a charge...any ideas... thanks

Kim Smith - Réponse

Perfect....15 mins into a 7hr drive through France and my daughter says her tablets dead NIGHTMARE. Thanks to this guide, sanity ensues!

Mark Heptonstall - Réponse

%#*@ Dude! I owe you a huge beer!

Public Upload - Réponse

If it won’t turn on after a deep discharge, let it charge for at least 3 hours, then try again.

Stephen Hart - Réponse

I recently returned from a 10-day trip, and found my 2012 Nexus 7 in this state. The procedure worked, but denied me the satisfaction of smashing the thing to bits with a 4-pound hammer. My experience with the Nexus 7 has been wretched since the initial unboxing. God, I hate this device!

Selden Deemer - Réponse

Is there any other clear picture for the backlight faint?

Shafterz - Réponse

though for its cheap price even FIFA Mobile 18 works smoothly, that is why i don’t want to buy a new android

Shafterz - Réponse

Brilliant! After my LGV10 was stolen I dug out my old Nexus 4. Charged it for abt 4 hours. Wouldn’t turn on except about every 20 attempts I’d get the battery charging screen showing a full battery. Otherwise, just black screen. Tried this fix several times. Nothing. UNTIL…you must hold down middle of volume button and THEN plug in charger. Continue to hold for 40 seconds. During this time it displays a screen that said “Downloading. Do not unplug”. Then hold down “On” button for 40 seconds. Finally, “Google” start-up screen comes on…..wait.. .screen goes black…. then the dancing colored dots forever, and finally “Android is starting” screen for several minutes while it is “optimizing apps”. Shaaazaaammm!!! Working perfectly now!! Thank You!!

Vicki Garfield - Réponse

Thanks so much! I’ve really enjoyed using this tablet and hated to see it go dark. Clear, easy to follow directions got it back up and running!

Mike Schwartz - Réponse

It worked!!! Thank you! Mine was sitting unplugged for months. I tried it three times—third time, yippeeeeee!

Karen Burlingame - Réponse

i have a 2013 nexus 7 ad it does not work im depessed does it work on newer generations too?

HALP - Réponse

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