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Blender Will Not Turn On

The blender is plugged in, but it still will not turn on.

Check Outlet

Make sure the blender cord is plugged in correctly. Also make sure the outlet is properly functioning.

Check Cord

Make sure the blender cord is not severed or detached from plug. If wires are frayed, then use electrical tape to fix.

Check Attachment

The attachment piece may not be put on correctly. Double check by removing and re-attaching to the motor body.

Proper assembly instructions are in the instruction manual below:

Buttons Not Registering

If the high speed setting is used longer than recommended, then the motor will overheat and no longer work. Do not hold the 'High,' button for longer than 50 seconds at a time. If this occurs, then a motor body replacement may be needed.

Motor Body and Blender Shaft Do Not Connect

The motor body and the blender shaft attachment will not fit together into a single piece.

Plastic Warped

The heat from the drying cycle on most dishwashers is too hot for the plastic to handle without warping. Taking it out before the drying cycle or not running the dry cycle at all is the best solution. But if the plastic warps, a new blender shaft attachment is recommended.

Attachment Broken

The inside latch of the motor body that holds two pieces together is cracked or dislodged. A new motor body is recommended.

Smart Stick Not Blending

The blender is plugged in and running, but the blades are not rotating.

Motor Is Not Running

When activating the Smart Stick the motor will start. If the motor is not running, then it may be overheated and will need to be replaced.

Plastic Gear Wears Down

If the motor is running but the blades are not moving, the gear might be worn down and will need to be replaced.

Blades Broke Off

The blades have broken off of the blender shaft. Food that is too dense may break the blades.

23 commentaires

This machine SUCKS

olsenlamarre - Réponse

Used it once and now won't turn on

olsenlamarre - Réponse

hardly used and it wont turn on....and thanks for the help page...I never would have thought to check whether it was plugged in! Am I blonde and haven't noticed.

Worthless product; worthless site.

David Alden - Réponse

Ha....that is hilarious! I, too, just tried my blender and the mother won't turn on. I had it past 90 days and no receipt. At least I got a laugh with your comments. Funny.

Gwynn Broome -

What??? a replacement is more expensive than a new blender???? And because of bad quality from the begining???

Francisco Sevcik - Réponse

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