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Dell Inspiron 15-7548 Troubleshooting

Use this page to troubleshoot problems with your Dell Inspiron 15-7548.

Computer is unresponsive

Computer is not responding to any inputs from keyboard or mouse.

Device error

Shut the computer completely off by holding the power button for fifteen seconds. Once the computer is properly turned off unplug all verifiable including any external storage devices, keyboards, mice, or monitors. Hold the power button for another fifteen to twenty seconds to drain residual power. Connect power cable if a computer does not boot refer to other guides.

No power

When trying to power on the device no LEDs come on.

Faulty battery

If there is no sign of power when trying to turn the device on the battery may need to be replaced. First, check the charging cable to see if it is faulty and the battery may just be dead. If the charging cable is fine the battery needs to be replaced refer to guide on battery replacement.

Trackpad not responding

The trackpad does not respond to touch or input.

Dirty tackpad

If the trackpad is not responding to input try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and cleaning your hands as grease and dirt may cause inputs to be unregistered. If cleaning did not solve the problem refer to guide on how to replace trackpad.

Keyboard does not light up or is unresponsive

The keyboard does not have backlighting or does not respond to key inputs.

Keyboard backlight turned off

If the keyboard backlight is not lighting up first try pressing the keyboard brightness hotkey at the top of the keyboard. If they light key is not causing the backlight to turn on completely power off the device by holding the power button for fifteen seconds and then turning the device on. If neither the key nor powering off fixed the problem refer to the keyboard replacement guide.

Faulty keyboard

If the keyboard does not respond to any inputs try powering the device completely off by holding down the power button for fifteen seconds then once the device is completely powered off reboot. If the keyboard continues to not respond to inputs check if any external keyboards are connected either Bluetooth or wired. If no other devices are connected check if your keyboard driver is up to date or working properly. If the drivers are functioning properly as well as no external devices are plugged in a keyboard replacement may be necessary you can follow a guide on how to replace the keyboard here.

Failure to boot

When powering on device reeds error message.

Boot error code

Try running your device in safe mode by Pressing Shift and Restart, or look up error code on a separate device and follow guide based on the code.

Black, blank, or hard to read screen

When trying to turn on a blank, black or hard to read screen comes up.

Blank screen

First try doing a hard reset, by removing the battery, and AC adapter. Then hold the power button for 20 seconds. Then plug in the AC adapter, and it should run normally. If that doesn’t work, try reseating the RAM. Remove each one for 10 seconds then put them back in. Make sure that you place them all in correctly. Lastly, try plugging it into an external monitor. If you get a display on the external image then your screen could be damaged and refer to the repair guide.

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