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HTC HD2 PB81120 Troubleshooting

My Phone Isn't Turning On

Your HTC HD2 PB81120 phone just won't turn on.

Charge it

The most basic fix for this problem is to charge it. Plug the charger into the wall and the device into the charger. The device should begin to charge and you should see the screen light up.

Restart the phone

Try holding the power button the bottom of the device. The device should light up and begin running.

Hard Reset

If the above does not work, try a hard reset. The device may be charged and still have an internal software problem. A hard reset will send it back to its default settings. To perform a hard reset you must hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

Battery Connected Improperly

This is a bit more difficult to solve. The device needs to be taken apart and the battery inspected. Turn off the phone and remove the battery using the battery removal guide. Install the battery and try turning on the phone. If reinstalling the battery does not work, the battery may be dead. Buy a replacement battery.

If none of these work you may need to replace your device.

My phone won't charge/isn't holding a charge

When you plug the charger into the device, the phone doesn't keep a charge or won't charge at all.

Plug it into the wall and check the outlet

Make sure the phone is plugged into the charger and the charger is plugged into the wall. Make sure the connections are secure. If the phone still isn't charging, make sure that the outlet is turned on. Most outlets are always on but it may have been turned off.

Only holds a charge for a short period of time

If this is true the device needs to be taken apart. The connection with the battery may be bad or the battery may be dead or dying. If the battery is dead then it needs to be replaced.

My screen is Frozen/White screen/Touch screen won't work! What do I do!

Your phone's screen is frozen. It may be the main screen or just a plain white screen. Or the touch screen is unresponsive.

Hold the power button and restart the phone

Turning off the device will reset the device and may solve the problem.

Hard Reset

By pressing a hard reset, the device will revert to its default settings and hopefully fix the issue. In order to perform a hard reset you must hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds.

My Phones Camera takes Fuzzy/Distorted Pictures

Your camera isn't taking clear pictures.

Attempt to clean the camera

Cleaning the camera may remove dust or other obstructions and fix the problem. If not, the camera may need to be replaced. You can do this by following the camera guide.

My phone took a swim!

You have dropped your phone into water or gotten it wet.

Take apart the phone

The phone needs to be immediately taken apart and left to dry. Placing the parts in a bowl of rice will help remove the water

Attempt to dry the phone off

Use a blowdryer to dry the phone parts off.

The Charger won't fit!

Your charger will not stay in the port or will not fit.

Inspect charger

Inspect the charger port and the charger and look for any deformities that may affect the chargers ability to plug into the phone. If this is the case, you'll need to purchase a new charger or replace the charger port. Also, make sure you're using the correct charger.

My Headphones won't fit!

Your headphones will not stay or fit in the headphone jack.

Inspect Headphone Jack

Inspect the headphones and the headphone jack to check that neither are distorted in any way. If your headphones are broken then you'll need to purchase new headphones.

Headphone Jack Broken

If you are certain that your headphone jack is broken then you will need to replace it using the logic board guide.

There are Problems with my SIM Card

Your SIM card is is being read or not reading at all.

SIM Being Misread

If your SIM card is being misread, turn your phone off, remove the back cover along with the battery, and check to ensure your SIM card is properly secured and try again. If not, inspect the SIM card to make sure it hasn't been damaged.

I can't Connect to the Internet!

You have tried to connect to the internet on your phone and error messages occur.


Attempt to restart the phone via a hard reset or simply turning the phone off then back on.

Replace Antenna

If restarting didn't help, follow this repair guide (link) to remove and replace the antenna.

The Back Light Failed! I can't see!

You are having trouble seeing images on your screen or it is generally too dark.


Attempt to restart the phone via a hard reset or simply turning the phone off then back on.

Replace Back Light

If restarting didn't help, remove and replace the backlight.

my phone just freeze on stick together please help out

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