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Nokia 6086 Troubleshooting

Updating software

Simple fix

The Nokia 6086 requires frequent software updates. If your Nokia 6086 won't turn on, freezes, or has other miscellaneous issues be sure to update the software. You can update the software by going to Nokia's Website, scrolling through available models to find the Nokia 6086, and clicking the download link for the most recent software. If the problem is still occurring after the software update, please see the other various troubleshooting issues.

Phone powering off or not powering on

The phone isn't powering on or switching off when battery is completely charged.

Dead battery

If your phone's battery is dead, the phone will run while directly connected to the charger but not independently. A dead battery might be shown by the phone not accepting a charge or the phone stating the battery is charged while being plugged in but won't power on without being directly connected to the charger. If these problems are occurring, turn off the phone while it is connected to the charger. Let the phone rest and charge for 5-10 minutes. Then try powering up your Nokia 6086 without connection to the charger. If your phone still won't turn on, view the repair guide for [lien de tutoriel non valide].

=== Faulty logic board==

The logic board is faulty if the problem is still occurring after replacing the battery. The logic board connects all components of the Nokia 6068 together. Therefore the logic board controls the overall function of the phone. A faulty logic board will result in an unusable phone. If your phone has a faulty logic board, view the repair guide for replacing the logic board.

Phone overheating

Phone has excess heat during use.

Replacing logic board

If your Nokia 6086 overheats, it is likely caused by the PCB. The PCB is a board that controls all the electrical connections within your phone. There are many components on the PCB, each can malfunction and subsequently cause your phone to overheat. Try powering off your phone and letting it rest (cool down) for 5-10 minutes. If your phone is still hot after 5-10 minutes, place your phone by a fan to hasten the cooling process. If your phone is still overheating, view the guide for replacing the logic board.

Phone requesting a code

Security code

When the phone requests a security code it is asking for the default security code which is: "12345". Only enter this number in once, after three consecutive tries the phone will permanently lock.

Phone requesting PIN/PIN2/PUK/PUK2 code

PIN (Personal Identification Number) and PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) codes protect the SIM card within the phone. When the PIN or PIN2 codes arise the phone is looking for the code you set yourself. If the PIN code is consecutively inputted incorrectly the phone might then request a PUK code, which is an 8-digit code provided by your personal service provider. If the PIN2 code is consecutively inputted incorrectly the phone will request a PUK2 code, which is also provided by your personal service provider.

Phone Screen Freezing

Phone screen is in locked position.

Broken Screen

When the screen is broken, the phone may appear in a frozen state. A screen may be broken if it has been exposed to liquid, contains a crack, was dropped on the ground, etc.. If your screen is damaged and frozen, view the repair guide for replacing the screen.

Reset Phone

The Nokia 6086 screen is frozen when the picture is stationary. A frozen screen could be a solid color (i.e. black or white) or a fixed picture. If your screen is frozen you should try resetting your phone. You can reset your phone using two different techniques. Try removing the battery (carefully) and then inserting the battery back into the device. If removing the battery does not fix the problem you may consider attempting a hard reset. A hard reset will remove all data from your phone. To initiate a hard reset press these buttons simultaneously: on/off, *, 3.

Keypad Issues

Keypad is not working properly.

Faulty Keypad

If your Nokia 6086 keypad is not responding when you press the keys, the keypad is faulty. A faulty keypad can result from overuse, misuse, water damage, etc. Replacing the faulty keypad with a new keypad is the quickest fix. Please view the repair guide for replacing the keypad.

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