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PowerShot G7 X Mark II Troubleshooting

Camera will not turn on.

Screen will not turn on when the power button is pressed.

Battery is dead.

If the battery is uncharged, the camera will not turn off. Charge the battery in the adapter, insert it, and then try turning on the camera.

Battery is not connecting to camera.

If the battery is charged but the camera still won’t turn on, it may not be inserted properly. Insert the battery into the camera while making sure the gold plates are touching the gold contacts in the camera. Then make sure it snaps securely under the red latch.

Buttons or dials do not respond.

When using the camera’s buttons, the camera does not respond.

Buttons are dirty.

If the buttons or dials on the top of the camera do not respond or respond only sometimes, the cameras buttons may have dirt or other material under or around the button. Follow the Top Button Cover Replacement guide to disassemble the camera's control cover and clean it.

Broken top button/cover assembly.

If the camera shows no sign of powering on, ensure the battery is charged and inserted correctly. If the camera seems to be on and the camera’s other buttons or mode dials do not respond, the entire button cover assembly may need to be replaced.

Touch screen does not work.

When the screen is pressed, it will not respond.

Restart camera.

Sometimes electronic devices may not start up properly. Restart the device and try using the touch screen again.

Touch screen is damaged or cracked.

A damaged or cracked touch screen may prevent it from working. Please refer to the LCD Replacement guide.

Battery cover does not close.

The battery cover door will not keep the battery in to power the camera.

Outer latch is not engaged.

If the battery door will not stay closed, the release latch on the outside of the cover may not have been slid back into place. Close the door while sliding the latch into the locked position.

Error messages.

Camera keeps showing error messages on the screen

Error solutions.

Different error messages will require different solutions. Most errors for this device can be resolved using Canon Canada’s support site. Match the message with the solution listed.

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