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The JBL Charge 3 can be recognized by its distinct woven speaker cover and rubber accents. It was released in 2016 and features a fully waterproof design, 20 hours of playback time, and bluetooth connectivity.

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Only turning on while plugged in


I recently bought a JBL charge 3. Since today, it won't turn on when it's not plugged in. I didn't blow it and the battery is full (all 5 light are on). How can I fix this or do I have to go back to the store?

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ive got the same problem, i tryed everthing.

It turns of thats all.


I have the same problem. Tried everything. I press the power button but blue light turns on for one second and then turns off. The white blinking light is constantly on. It won’t charge. Completely brand new arrived yesterday and it worked for 10 min and battery dieded.when I turn it on and press Bluetooth and volume up it completely turns off and I unplugged it and it’s just black. When I plug it back in white light comes back


just did the update… it killed myJBL Charge 3 no power after update.

1) my device is fully charged.

2) i tried every combination possible… no good!

There is no lights out power and the charge does nothing to help… I've tried plugged in and not plugged in… no good.

it's totally dead :-(


Same problem here :( Now I'm trying to find any solution, hopefully there is a way to fix it somehow...


Same problem here I’ve tried everything, is it maybe a hardware problem where something has to be fixed/replaces?


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If your JBL Charge 3 speaker is not playing sounds, lighting up, or turning on at all, see the JBL Charge 3 Won’t Turn On problem page for possible problems and solutions.

You need to charge your JBL and when the power button turns on you have to press the volume+ and the connect button at the same time until it shuts off.

Then you pull the cable out and start it.

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Brilliant it worked, tried lots of other ways recommended and this was the only one that worked. Thank you


I tried it but it's still not turning in blue light mode only white


Thank you, It worked!


Hi all,

I did the method posted by elias and paulogutobh got the blinking red lights and the power button turns blue The unplugged and hit the power button and still no power. I am guessing the battery needs to be replaced? I got this unit second hand.


Easy fix for this is

Hold volume+ and that one for left side like 15 secs its should show you same red light but after that its successfull working. Its like somekind of child mode


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I have seems multiple posts of different button combos being held for 10s to reset demo mode. My fix was the BT button and the “play” (right triangle) button. Try different buttons paired together for 10s and the power light goes out as it powers down and then you can hit power and it will be operational. So many people have been saying the batteries are dead but I have 5 of these and never once has the battery been the issue. Good luck!

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Pressing the volume+ and the connect plus button together for a few second whilst it was plug in with the white light ON worked on my Jbl boombox.Thanks


This fixed this problem for me. All of the sudden the JBL would not function and power down once unplugged. After this it worked again.


My boombox i bought it brand new it won't power at all. no light indicator on even plugged in nothing happen any helps pls


It worked for me, thanks!


That solution worked for my JBL FLIP 3 !

1) Plug it in

2) Hold Bluetooth pairing + PLAY button for 5/10sec

3) you'll hear The Start up Sound

4) Unplug


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I have my jbl clip 3 it's almost dead i believe.

But there are few conditions it's turn on.

Primarily it's sound goes off very little sound can be heard. No base.

I tried reset method then it start giving these issues.

  1. Not turning on with power button.
  2. When plug with usb for charge it shows 1 time red light blinks and goes off and show solid white light.
  3. I try to combination of volume+ and Bluetooth paring button it goes off but not turn on.
  4. Please help me to identify the problem.

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What I did.....

  1. Take apart the's easy. Follow how on ifixit here
  2. Get the battery out.....get the model number from the battery
  3. Go to eBay and search and you'll find a lot of them

This will fix your problem. I have done this several times over the fact I replaced the speakers when they were blown! Got them from eBay as well. Good luck!

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I have installed a new battery in the JBL Charge 3 as you suggested. The battery now seems to charge and the LEDs indicate the charge level correctly. However, it only responds to the power button when USB is connected. If you then also establish the Bluetooth connection, you can play music and even remove the USB cable, the device then continues to work until you turn it off. To turn it on, however, it needs the USB charging cable again with the above procedure. Switching on without the USB charging cable remains unsuccessful. I have already tried all possible resets suggested above without success. Any ideas?


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