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The Dell Venue 11 Pro is a flexible slate tablet built for business. It comes with many work-oriented features, including Windows 8.1, a removable battery, and a variety of docking solutions.

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How to save data from broken device

My Dell Venue 11 Pro stopped to work. I there any possibility save data from “disk”. Thanks for help.

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The SSD is modular on this, so you can throw the tablet away and put the drive in an enclosure to get your data back. No need to mess with the board :-). Refer to this guide up to the point the back is off to remove the SSD. It may be mSATA or M.2 AHCI NGFF, so open it up and find out which enclosure you need. Dell used mSATA longer then any other vendor, so it’s harder to say without seeing the SSD visually.

If the device isn’t stone dead and the internal screen is dead, you can typically hook it up to an external display for recovery purposes but you need to change it to only use the external - which may be difficult with a display that’s not functioning correctly. Pull your stuff off externally if the SSD is modular instead of messing with the tablet.

If the tablet is completely dead, pull the SSD and don’t bother with the tablet.

If you do not see an SSD here, it’s soldered to the board :-(:

The other clue is size - 32-64GB is a soldered SSD red flag and it’s usually eMMC - which has lifespan issues compared to NAND flash.

Block Image

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Thanks for you help and answer, but can you please show me exactly, where is SSD? Sorry for a stupid question. I disassembled the tablet according your steps but i am not sure where it is.


I have a Dell venue 11 Pro 5130 T06G


@vallusmartin Screw hole location on the 5130 screams M.2 AHCI. mSATA has the holes like a traditional wireless card.

It may be soldered if you can't find it sadly...


@nick : Hmm, that doesn't sound good. Does that mean I'm losing that data?

In place of the red rectangle, I have the following:

If SSD is soldered on board, is there any way to get data?



@vallusmartin that's a WWAN card - it's soldered. Gotta repair the board or hope it's functional enough to pull the data off.


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The storage unit in these are typically SSD and according to specs and reviews, it most likely will be. What you can do if you have a desktop available with an SSD port, is remove the SSD from the device and plug the SSD into the desktop. it will read it like a USB and you can pull the date that way. If not you will have to use a third party company to retrieve the data from the SSD.

Alternatively if you have a laptop you can find an external USB adapter that can read the SSD and pull it that way.

Best of luck!

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