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Model numbers JSN-L21 and JSN-L42.

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How to remove wrinkles from pouch batteries

I have this battery. from said phone.

It is already wrinkled BEFORE I started to pry (and remove it) from the chassis, which I did successfully.

But the wrinkle is so severe, I think I will need to find a method to remove it. Or, if it is a indication of failure, replace it.

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For those that are wondering, no. The battery is not bent. I also don’t think it had a puncture — that’s why I need to un-wrinkle to find out.

Keep in mind that a recycling facility for batteries is very difficult to find in China. I don’t want to toss out these “dangerous” cells especially when they still keep a charge.

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Small wrinkles are fine as there’s usually no cell damage - the issue is this is a bit too far to consider “safe”. Dump it and get a new one.

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sounds like a reasonable conclusion.

It's worthy of curiosity, however. that the wrinkles are there before they glued it to the phone (hence the wrinkles beneath the adhesive)

Just bad QA I guess.


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You don’t want to toss out dangerous batteries and want to keep dangerous batteries in your phone? Great idea.

Improperly recycled li-ion batteries is a fire risk, but otherwise similar to inorganic trash that you can dump normally.

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I'm asking for a way if you can render it less dangerous (such as by removing the wrinkles). I'm not asking for advice on whether to keep it or not.

Also, it's out of the phone. I have no plan to use it further.


It is a damaged battery, it is going to stay dangerous as it is.

To reduce its energy, discharge it, then you or someone shred it like normal trash.


@tomchai That's incorrect. you cannot treat LI-ION batteries (like the one Xavier has) like normal trash since the battery will still hold a significant enough charge to be unsafe and potentially cause a fire. The battery needs to be properly recycled at a local electronics recycling centre.


@randompcgamer I’m not saying it is right to shred them, I’m just saying it is safe to shred them after discharging.

Shredding is usually part of the recycling process for li-ion batteries anyway.


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