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Dans notre dernier tutoriel de réparation, nous allons vous montrer comment remplacer l'écran de votre iPhone 11.

Outils recommandés :

- Tournevis Pentalobe

- Tournevis cruciforme

- Tournevis Y

- Médiator

- Ventouse

- Spatule

- Pincette

Vous aurez aussi besoin également d'un pistolet à air chaud, car l'écran est fortement collé.

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I am a repair technician from California, and I use your company’s tools and I gotta say that I love them. Very sleek, and the powerful magnetic bits help me get the job done. I did 5 repairs yesterday and each one finished was a good feeling of satisfaction. In the future, if you guys decide to make some sort of in-depth manual for the newer iPhones, that would be great because diagrams are not only a great way for me to sharpen my own skills, but will help make training new techs a breeze.

Cheers all the way from Fresno!

anthony_brletic - Réponse

Hi, I replaced the display independently, not in the Apple service, to my disappointment I found a message in the device that warned me that the part is not original, consequently the FaceID was disabled. Can you tell me about ear? Thank you

954kuki - Réponse

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